The Zealot is the local disciple, sometimes wise but sometimes reckless and unstable.

They are fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious ideals and any who oppose these are likely to find themselves at the end of something pointy.

Their specialty is their handling of throwing weapons. some of them use their body as living weapon, while others like small blades, but when all else fails will resort to clawing and biting before admitting defeat.

They have learned to utilize herbs to enhance themselves , their weapons, their camarades, and can use these in battle to heal, as well as to harm.

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advantages - disadvantages

Attribute bonus

Attribute Modifier
Constitution +1
Strength +1
Dexterity +1
Agility +1


race restrictions

Mag Mor
Tirem Ag



Hero Sub-classes

When your hero reaches level 21 they may choose a sub-class:

1. Biryonim / Biryonim

These wild ruffians are not to be taken lightly. They seem to have an uncanny sixth sense paired with quick reflexes and deadly aim.

2. Disciple / Disciple

The Disciple is the rock in which others lean upon. He is unfaltering in his beliefs and path in life. They say an ounce of faith can move mountains. If this is so, then these men could move planets.

3. Sicarii /Sicarii

The Sicarii may well be the extremists among Zealots. They see the best way to bring their message to the masses, is to eliminate the opposition. Their way is the only way.

4. Herb lore master /Herb lore master

Herbs, poison, knowledge of the body secrets and of the effects of the herbal preparations are part of the way of the zealot. sometime for good or bad, with some risk for his own health